About the Journey

Upon signing up for the course, Medical Visions in Literature, as one of my classes for the Fall of 2010, I was very excited.  I had received some great feedback from classmates and peers who had taken the course.  The amount of learning and the interesting topics covered in the course were exclaimed.  I became very excited.  With highly established expectations for this course,  I entered the first day of class only to find out that the major assignment for the course would be to create and maintain an ongoing blog for the duration of the semester.  The structure of the blog was not clearly defined, the content of what we should write about not dictated, rather the professor said, “Make the blog your own.” 

That is what I am trying to do.  I hope to adequately incorporate the interesting and applicable course material with my journey as a student, young woman, and global leader.  I am a collegian whose mind constantly weighing the options of committing part of my vocational life to field of Health Sciences and become a doctor, or changing directions to journey down another pathway.  This blog, is my journey’s journal. Enjoy!


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